25 de May de 2017

Additional Information


  • It is not a cruise ship, but a regular ship of CARGO and Passengers.
  • The ship makes several stops for loading and unloading of cargo and passengers.
  • Scaling time in places does not allow visiting.
  • Those who travel in a hammock have to know that they have nowhere to store backpacks etc.
  • It is possible to buy 01 bed in suite or cabin paying 50% of the value and to share with a stranger (of the same sex).
  • Food not included / Food and beverages are sold onboard the ship.
  • (Breakfast R $ 10,00- Lunch / Dinner R $ 15,00 PF or Lunch / Dinner R $ 20,00 Buffet) – subject to change
  • The ship does not provide bed linen, towels or toiletries.
  • *** Never book flights or services on the day of arrival as there may be delays on the day of arrival ***.


Payment:ü  PRE-PAYMENT 30 days in advance for accommodation in cabins or suites and 15 for hammocks.ü  The cash view by transfer or bank deposit account in Brazilü  Card (On Request).



HAND LUGGAGE: 20 kg total weight, provided that passengers comfort, since the safety and hygiene are not compromised

NORMAL BAGGAGE: 40kg total luggage weight and maximum volume of two hundred cubic decimeters and limited to the largest dimension of any volume to one meter. Exceeding the limits of weight and size of luggage, the company may charge up to half a percent of the total value of the ticket for the transportation of each kilogram or meter of excess.



Hammocks, cabin and suites: For all cancellations up to 15 days before the trip, a fee of 15% will be charged corresponding to our service. Exceeded this term will be considered the no-show and charged 100% of the value.


Inform full name of the passengers.
Travel itinerary.
Travel information
Type of accommodation desired.
Phone number for possible contact with whatsapp.

NOTE: Any changes or changes to the dates or dates of arrival and departure of this Ship are the responsibility from company that owns the Ship.