25 de June de 2020

Amazon Dream


Nature at its most captivating, heavenly landscapes, exceptional animal life and vegetation, warm people… The Amazon, the planet’s last great tropical forest, offers the traveler a natural heritage that is both unique and fragile : an immense ecological reserve, with 4.8 million square kilometers (1.8 million square miles) of perpetually green forests and its rivers, as wide as a fresh-water seas, sheltering three to ten million species of animal and plant life, only a third of which have been identified. An invitation to travel…

Explore the aquatic labyrinth traced by the Amazon and its tributaries, live to the rhythm of emotions offered daily by this incomparable territory, discover the most beautiful sites, meet the locals living along the shores, observe the fauna and flora, here the boat is king. Located halfway between Manaus and Belem, the region of Santarem, home port of the Amazon Dream, is one of the most beautiful and most surprising in all of Amazonia. Here the blue waters of the Tapajos river and the sienna-tinted waters of the Amazon meet and mix for several kilometers, creating an ever-changing spectacle. Lined by the forests, beaches of fine white sand stretch as far as the eye can see and the crystal-clear waters of the Tapajos bring to mind the Caribbean rather than a hostile « green underworld ».

A delicious breeze blows softly here and mosquitoes are nearly absent. A few turns of the propeller further on and it’s the fascination of another eco-system, that of the Amazon, and its lakes covered with giant water lilies, its immense trees and dark waters : a green paradise populated by iguanas, alligator-like caimans, monkeys, paresseux, countless fish, dazzling butterflies and multi-colored birds…
On the river banks, in villages often built on stilts, the « cabocles », a population descended from the intermarriage of the Portuguese and Indians, live off of fishing, agriculture, rubber harvest and crafts.
Welcoming and generous, they share their folklore and traditions with visitors.
In order to share the discovery of these preserved areas, unspoiled by tourism, with a small number of privileged voyagers, a team passionate about travel, connoisseurs of the Brazilian Amazon, has conceived a program of unique cruises. And because the desire for a total change of scene is not incompatible with a fondness for comfort and refinement, our team designed and built the Amazon Dream, a boat that resembles no other.