16 de June de 2020

Monte Alegre



The Monte Alegre Regional Park (PEMA) is an integral protection conservation unit, created in 2001 (Law 6.412), located in the city of Monte Alegre. Its importance is represented by several archaeological sites (there is in the park the oldest archaeological site of the South-American Amazon with rock paintings dated in more than 11 thousand years).

PEMA has some peculiarities:

  • An important geomorphological structure
  • The dome of Monte Alegre, characterized by rugged terrain where there are sierras, valleys and caves.
  • The vegetation is mostly represented by thick or savannah and the soil, very sandy, is strongly influenced by the rock system of the region.
  • The fauna is diverse with endemic species like  the conure Aratinga maculata.


It is possible to arrive at the park from Santarém, which is linked to Belém with commercial flights twice a day. From santarem, we navigate on ferries, about two hours, to the port of Santana du Tapará. We continue the land route by the PA-255 then to the line of Ererê which gives access to the park, a distance of about 80km. access to the park is mainly marked by secondary roads and sandy terrain, which requires 4×4 towed vehicles for traffic.

*We operate daily departures from Santarem including guided visits with or without overnight in Monte Alegre 


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