21 de March de 2017


Manaus is a city of contrasts, surrounded by the jungle, built by the Negro river and having lived the opulence of the rubber boom and more recently a growing industrial park where production goes from computers to motorcycles, has a lot to see. Each of these tours is an open door to a facet of a town that is a gateway to an exquisite and unknown ecosystem. The rhythm of the waters dictate the thythm of its inhabitants in an ever changing landscape and nothing is definite.

We recommend when taking a forest tour to bring a mosquito repellent, sunglasses, sun protector, a hat or cap, comfortable clothes, walking shoes or jungle boots, raincoat and swimming suit (one never knows what the possibilities will be).

City Tour (half day) – explore the city as you go along, visiting the Manaus Opera House, a jewel in all senses, the rich wood inlays on the floor, the luscious columns brought from Euope and a number of histories. A place where the Amazonian society would go to see and be seen. The Manaus Opera House is the focus of Manaus’ cultural life with its own Orchestra and spectacles. Municipal Market, ideal to see what the people eat. The display of fresh water fish is impressive, arapaima, tambaquis, tucunarés, jaraquis, etc. The tour passes in front of important buildings like the Governor’s Palace, the Customs House, etc. Duration: 3 hrs.

Natural Sciences Tour (half day) – this tour is a special look into the world’s largest rainforest with a visit to the “Bosque da Ciência” (Science Forest) and the “Museu de Ciência Natural” (Natural Sciences Museum). The visitors center where we find the House of Science has an interesting collection like the largest leaf found in the Amazon, measuring closed to 2 m / 6.5 ft.! There are large acquariums with manatees, typical of this region; another with giant otters and a lake with several species of turtles and caymans. A walk by this miniature forest gives visitors an idea of the rich Amazonian rainforest ecosystem. The other hightlight of this tour is the Nautlral Sicences Museum privately owned and maintained by Japanese with a collection of freshwater fish, butterflies, a sampler of the biodiversity (piranhas, fishcats, tucunarés, electric fish and others). A thrill is to see an acquarium with arapaimas, the biggest Amazonian fish, measuring up to 5 m. / 16.4 ft.! Duration: 3 hrs.

City Tour with lunch or dinner – the same itinerary as above and depending on the time of the day includes lunch or dinner in a restaurant in town. Menu includes either freshwater fish or beef, side dishes, salad and dessert. Duration: 4 hrs.

Manaus its Culture and History including lunch (full day) – the tour starts with a visit to the CIGS – Centro de Instrução de Guerra de Selva / Jungle War Instruction Center of the Brazilian Army. As the Amazon ecosystem accounts for 2/3 of the country, this is an important facility. Here they have a small zoo with 162 animals and 56 species. The next visit will be to Palácio Rio Negro / Rio Negro Palace, formerly the residence and offices of the Amazonas state Governor. The palace was turned into a cultural center for its beauty and lovely furnishings. Today visitors have a glimpse of Manaus’ wealth at the beginning of the 20th century. The Municipal Market is a wrought-iron structure manufactured both in Liverpool and Glasgow and brought to Manaus in its heyday. It is interesting to visit the market stalls, the Amazonian products and staple food of its inhabitants, mostly freshwater fish, cassava root (in a countless number of products) and above all the tropical fruits. Lunch on the way – a buffet of beef or freshwater fish, side dishes and salads). After lunch, a visit to INPA – Instituto Nacional de Pesquisa da Amazônia (Amazonian Research National Institute). The Amazon biodiversity is famous and this institute is its benchmark. The highlight of the tour is the sumptuous Manaus Opera House with fantastic hardwood inlaid floors and where the Amazonian society would come to see and be seen. Closing the tour a visit to the Indian Museum, initiative of a Salesian Nun that visiting the upper Negro river was enchanted by the indian handcrafts. The museum up to this day is under the care of the Salesian sisters and closes this tour on a high note. Going from one place to the other, you will be passing by Manaus’ historical sights. Duration: 7:30 hrs.

Manaus Panorama by night with dinner – the evening starts with a lovely dinner in a typical restaurant, after passing by some city highlights, reach Ponta Negra, a beach where there is always live regional music and dance. Most of the music that you will be hearing tonight comes of the Parintins Festival – the second most important folklore manifestation in Brazil after Rio’s Carnival. The songs and dance paces are part of the festival presentations and you are invited to join in the fun! Duration: 3:30 hrs.

Hydroplane flight over Manaus and the Rainforest – an experience not to be forgotten, different itineraries and durations. Flying a Cessna 206 – pilot and 3 passengers (one in the front with the pilot and 2 in the back. Each passenger has a transparent access door and unhindered outside view for photos. Hydroplane takes off from a platform on Negro river, 30 min. by from Tropical Hotel. Flight conditions are dictated by weather and wind and should conditions not be favorable flight will be postponed or cancelled. Transfer will be charged in separate.


30 min – flooded forest (igapós), Meeting of the Waters, lake of the giant lilies (Victoria Régia), downtown Manaus and Tropical Hotel. 1 hr – the forest, Anavilhanas archipelago, river beaches, jungle hotels, flooded forest (igapós), Tropical Hotel. 1:15 hr – the forest, Anavilhanas archipelago, river beaches, jungle hotels, flooded forest (igapós), Meeting of the Waters, downtown Manaus, Tropical Hotel. 2 hr – flight over Negro river to Novo Airão and the stunning view of the Anavilhanas archipelago (more than 450 river islands) and the observation of pink dolphins (Inia geoffrensis), exclusive of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

The Waterfalls of Presidente Figueiredo (full day) – waterfalls are rare in a rather flat territory, but this is an exception at Presidente Figueiredo, a city with lovely waterfalls. After a 1:15 hr drive, reach this small city that became independent in 1981. Today the city has some 25 thousand inhabitants and it is sought after Manaus inhabitants that come this way to enjoy the waterfalls. A Jungle trek will take you to the Waterfalls Sanctuary and a visit to the Pedra Furada / Pierced Stone waterfall. Lunch and a visit to the Urubui river rapids and Iracema walterfall enjoying this special place. Duration: 9:30 hrs.

Meeting of the Waters by boat including lunch (full day)

Anavilhanas Archipelago visiting an indian village, lunch included (full day)

Alligator Spotting with dinner – leaving the Manaus dock on a speedboat, cruise the Negro river stopping for dinner at either a jungle lodge or a floating restaurant. It is a surprise to visit the forest at night. It is not silent and one can hear all types of animals calls. Passing by lakes and igapós (flooded forest) hear and watch how “busy” the forest is. “read more”

The Amazon Rainforest including lunch and dinner (full day)

Meeting of the Waters by boat including lunch (full day) – a combination of the full day Meeting of the Waters tour, except for the visit to the VictóriaRégia lake, including piranha fishing and cayman spotting. This is ideal if you are on a tight schedule and while in town will not miss a visit to the rainforest. Duration: 12 hrs.