21 de March de 2017

Alter do Chao

Alter do Chão – 30 km / 21.7 mi. from Santarém, a river beach resort and the big attraction of the Tapajós river. When the Amazon basin waters are low a visit to Alter do Chão is a must. This river beach has been appointed as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The best time of the year for a visit is from June to November. Alter do Chão, a small village (3,000 inhabitants) with simple hotels and restaurants, where life flows are quietly as the Tapajós river flows to meet the mighty Amazon further down river in Santarém. Some 7 thousand years ago lived in the area a cilivization that has been called by archaeologists, Tapajônica, who left us a legacy of masterpieces in ceramic pots and vessels sculpted in what has been said as fine baroque with traces of mayan or incan.

From Alter to Chão, there are several activities and cruises on typical Amazonian boats, visiting untouched forest, watching lovely sunsets and a countless number of bird species.