21 de March de 2017


Unquestionably the highlight of a visit to the Amazon and an intriguing ecosystem.

The extraordinary wealth of plant and animal life in the Amazon basin has attracted explorers and scientists since the dawn of the 16th century. At least 30,000 out of 100,000 species of plants in Latin America are found in the Brazilian Amazon. The wildlife is equally diverse: thousands of creatures, amazingly different but each ideally suited for this particular habitat. Clearly, this is a world of enormous fascination to everyone interested in nature. The Amazon, its legends and myths is still an enigma for humanity.

Manaus city center, a number of 19th and 20th century buildings built during the Rubber Boom – the Governor’s Palace, the Manaus Opera House and several other buildings.

The Indian Museum: in exhibition a collection of indian artifacts found in archaeological sites.

The Meeting of the Waters, a phenomenon that occurs twice in the Amazon, the most famous in Manaus at some 6 km from downtown – when the black waters of the Negro (Block) river that passes in front of Manaus and those of Solimões (brown and laden with sediments) coming from Peru, meet and become the Amazon. The waters of the two rivers meet but will only mix several kilometers after their meeting due to different pH factor, speed, temperature, density, etc. A strange sight, seeing these 2 waters flowing side by side.