11 de July de 2016

Amazon Star

Amazon Star Turismo, with offices in Belém, is a tour operator and incoming agency focused on the Amazon. Created in 1990, owned and managed by a French living in Belém since 1979, has a solid reputation for services and handles FITs, groups and cruise ships for the world’s leading tour operators. Our in-depth knowledge of the area, local communities, inhabitants comes from a continuous research trips and training of our multilingual team and guides. Their commitment to the diversity of the Amazon makes them the right people to help you to discover the exotic flora and fauna and this almost unknown ecosystem.

The Amazon Delta, the largest in the world with almost 160.000 km2 / 61 776 sq.mi., has close to 200 islands and its water flows at 200,000 m3 /sec – 656 167 ft.3 /second producing an amazing effect called pororoca, a high tide of the Atlantic flows into the Amazon forming waves that tower 3 m / 10 ft. moving at 30 km/h – 19 mi./h and announcing its arrival with a roaring thunder. Pororocas are frequently seen in the months of March through June.

Marajó, island at the mouth of the Amazon, bigger than Denmark, with 48.000 km2 / 18 532 sq.mi., is a palette of ecosystems: floodplains where water buffaloes are livestock, mangroves, floodplain forests, fields, creeks, swamps, lakes, dense riparian jungle protecting the rivers. Biodiversity of flora and fauna: scarlet ibises, egrets, snakes, alligators, monkeys, armadillos, anteaters, capybaras are a feast for nature lovers.

Santarém in the lower Amazon, midway Belém – Manaus. A small, quaint and typical Amazonian city, bordered by the Amazon and Tapajós rivers. Here one will also experience the Meeting of the Waters phenomenon when the waters of the two rivers meet but do not mix for quite some time as they flow downriver. In the 20th century the economy relied mostly on rubber tapping, coffee production and gold mining and now atht the 21st, tourism is growing as well as soybeans plantations.

Alter do Chão, 30km / 18.6 mi. from Santarém is a beach resort by the Tapajós river, its beauty is drawing the attention of visitors from all parts in the world.

Manaus, the first settlement in the area is dated 1669 when Captain Francisco da Mota Falcão built a fortress for a garrison serving in the area. In the 19th century with the discovery of rubber tapping trees and the increasing need of this commodity, the city became the magnet for all types of tradesmen and rubber barons. The Opera House is one of the highlights of that era. Today besides being a free zone with several industries installed, Manaus is the gateway to jungle lodges.

Amazon Rainforest, one always falls short when trying to describe the Amazon ecosystem and what it represents to the world. Covering 40% of the South American continent and part of 9 countries, its biodiversity is due to a series of ecosystems and types of vegetation: savannas, deciduous forests, seasonal forests, rainforests and flooded forests.

Amazon Star offers several discovery packages:

Marajó island with lodging at a water buffalo ranch with horse and buffalo riding, field trips to watch wildlife and canoeing.
Caviana island, the wildest and less accessible. A birdwatchers’ paradise, large anacondas and black alligators and a special place to witness the pororoca.
Mexiana island, great place for nature gazing and fishing at the comfortable Marajó Park Ecoresort.
Belém, largest city in the delta, the natural gateway to these islands. The trademark of Belém are its large avenues shadowed by mango trees. The special attractions are: the Ver-o-Peso market, churches, 19th/20th century mansions, museums, boat tours exploring the surrounding rivers, the famous Icoaracy pottery village, Mosqueiro river beaches, etc.
Santarém and Alter do Chão – the UK Guardian has placed Alter do Chão among Brazil’s top beaches. The best time of the year for a visit is June to December when the river waters are lower and river beaches wider.
Manaus – the gateway to a number of cruises on the Amazon exploring either the Solimões or Negro regions. Packages vary from 2, 3, 5, 7 nights duration.
The Rainforest surrounding Manaus – the perfect gateway to the Amazon Rainforest, from Manaus you have comfortable access to a number of jungle lodges that offer packages varying in duration and a number of activities that will open your eyes to this intriguing ecosystem.
Visit the Amazon with Amazon Star and let us
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